Free shipping on all orders of $100 or more within Canada. Free shipping on all orders of $100 or more within Canada.

Guide to Custom Work with Pilar Agueci


It’s truly rewarding to create a custom piece that not only represents the wearer and reflects their personal aesthetic, but is infused with a special meaning that a person can wear every day.  Be it for a romantic rite of passage, the reimagining of a precious heirloom, or a gift to yourself, our custom process is collaborative every step of the way.

Our custom program is for those;

- who are comfortable with not being able to see their piece before it is complete

- who are able to allow us a certain artistic freedom

- who are able to trust us with the entire process from start to finish

Our custom program is not for those;

- who would like a reproduction of a custom piece we have made in the past who are looking to save money

- who are not comfortable purchasing sight unseen

- who are interested in replicating a piece from another designer

- who are interested in designing the piece themselves


All custom projects begin with a 30 minute complimentary consultation.

This consultation is for sharing your ideas through inspirational images and for asking questions about the custom process.

The consultation takes place in person at the boutique or digitally through either GoogleMeet, Zoom or Facetime.  You will be sent a link in advance to your meeting.

Timeline and Payment

The entire custom process takes between 4-10 weeks depending on the complexity of the project with the following breakdown;

Week 1 - Consultation

Week 2 - Sketching, Gemstone sourcing

Week 3 - Sketch delivery and gemstone sourcing

Week 4 - Discussion, revision, approval

Week 5 to 8 - Production

Week 8 to 10 - Stone Setting, Photography, Documents, Final presentation/shipping

Every custom project is unique and the time it takes will depend on the project itself.  Pilar will be able to clarify this exactly once the design is approved.

We are happy to discuss working within a certain timeframe should the project deadline be sensitive however we ask that the deadline is discussed in the Consultation.

Custom projects will be subject to deadline cut-offs at certain times of year depending on work flow and you will be notified in advance.

The initial deposit can range between $250.00 and 50% of the total project value depending on whether the project requires sketches or gemstone sourcing.

The balance is due upon collection of your custom piece or before the piece is shipped to you.

All custom jewelry pieces created are final sales and therefore not refundable or exchangeable.

We accept the following forms of payment; Visa, Mastercard, Debit, E-transfer and Cash.  We do not accept American Express.

Custom orders do not qualify for payment plans through Sezzle.  Payment plans can be arranged on a case by case basis.


We have a minimum cost of $500 (not including tax) for custom orders.

Pilar can provide an estimate during a consultation but the final price of the project will be delivered by email and approved by the client by email before proceeding. Estimate for custom projects are valid for 30 days only.

A deposit of $250 or half of the total project is required to begin.  This will be determined by Pilar.

Our pricing is based on time, materials, and transportation.

Please familiarize yourself with the cost of our pieces by visiting our website.

Design Process

It is the client’s responsibility to share their inspiration for the design of their custom piece during the Consultation or via email before the Consultation.

We require inspiration in single images or on a moodboard in order to begin the design process.

Sketching is charged at $90.00/hr. and usually takes a maximum of 2 hours to produce 6 options for your custom piece.  All CAD renderings are charged at $120.00 for 4 perspectives.  It may not be necessary to do both Sketching and CAD rendering for your project. This will be determined by the client and Pilar during the design process.

Once the Sketches are delivered, you have one week to reply.

Revisions will be charged at $90.00/hr.

Finger sizes are taken in store during the consultation.  If the design communications have taken longer than 8 weeks we highly recommend you have your finger sized again.  For custom pieces being given as a surprise, please refer to our Ring Sizing Guide for instructions about how to get the correct finger size.  If the final piece needs to be adjusted we offer one complimentary ring sizing. Each ring sizing there after is billed at $90.00/hr.

Choosing a Gemstone

We love incorporating your heirloom gemstones into your custom project.  If you would like to use your own heirloom gemstones we ask for an evaluation of the stones, proof of origin or proof of purchase to confirm the gemstones’ authenticity.

Please note that we will use our discretion when choosing whether or not we work with your heirloom gemstones.

We have a selection of gemstones available in house and have access to gemstones through multiple suppliers.  Pilar will guide you to choosing the best option for your custom project.

Viewing gemstones is charged at $90.00/hr.

Gemstones available on our site in collaboration with Misfit Diamonds are only available online. We do not carry these stones in store.

All gemstones purchased for custom projects are final sales.


All communications relating to your custom project will be charged at $90.00/hr.

Manufacturer Guarantee

The construction of your custom piece is guaranteed for 1 year. We do not offer a guarantee on Gemstones.  Gemstones are to be insured by the client through their own policy.

We suggest having your piece professionally cleaned and have your gemstone settings checked once a year.  We offer this service complimentary if your piece was created in our studio.


You can use your sales receipt or a certificate for insurance purposes.  

We provide a certificate on company letterhead for a fee of $125 + tax. If you prefer to use your sales receipt, it's important to combine it with your order form. All details of custom orders are listed on your order form which is sent by email at the beginning or during the course of the project.


Paperwork prepared for international shipments is free of charge and completed by us.

Shipping is not included in the cost of custom jewelry projects.  Shipping costs and importation fees including taxes are paid by the client. Please note that all custom pieces shipped to France that exceed the value of $1000 are subject to an additional brokerage fee of $400 + tax to be paid by the client.

We use carriers who offer tracked shipping only.  We choose our carrier based on the value of the shipment.  All shipments are insured through us until the moment they are received by the client.

We use the following carriers;

Canada Post for jewelry with retail value of $0 to $1000

Fedex for jewelry with retail value of $1000+