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Jewelry Care

Caring for Your Jewelry 

We create timeless pieces of jewelry made to last a lifetime. Taking the time to properly store and care for your jewelry will be worth it in the long run. Dust, perfume, body creams and water can alter the appearance of the jewelry. We suggest you store your jewelry in the box it was delivered in. Do not place your jewelry on hard surfaces and do not place heavy items on your jewelry. Please do not wear your jewelry in the shower or while exercising.   These tips are especially important with oxidized sterling silver jewelry. If you have any questions about the care of your jewelry, please email 


Specific Metal Care 

Sterling Silver 

Sterling silver jewelry will tarnish over time. This process is natural and can be accelerated in humid environments.  Do not store your jewelry in a humid environment such as the bathroom. If your jewelry is tarnished, you can easily clean it with a product called Tarn-X. You can find this product at Canadian Tire or other home hardware stores.  Apply the product with a soft toothbrush and brush gently. Rinse immediately.  Alternatively, you are welcome to the studio to have your jewelry cleaned professionally.  You are entitled to one complimentary cleaning up to one year after purchase. Every cleaning thereafter is $60.00

Oxidized Sterling Silver 

Oxidized sterling silver jewelry requires special care and attention to maintain and re-apply. The dark colour will lighten over time reaching an aged and antique look.  We are happy to re-oxidized any piece of jewelry up to one year after purchase. After the first year of wear, we will re-oxidized the piece for $60.00. To have a piece re-oxidized please email us at to make an appointment. 

The information above applies to gold jewelry.