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Ring Sizing Guide

Whether shopping for yourself or someone else, choosing the proper ring size can be tricky. Ring size can fluctuate due to time of day, the weather, activity  and even the shape of the ring itself (a wider the band = a bigger size).  How a ring should fit, however, stays the same. Regardless of whether it’s a pinky ring or a wedding band, a ring should fit comfortably on your finger, tight enough so that it won’t fall off, but loose enough to slide over your knuckle with a little push and pull.  


Measuring Your Ring Size

1 - Ring Sizer

To get the most accurate measurement, order our ring sizer.  

 The ring sizer goes up to size 13 and can be used for any finger or wearer.  

order a ring sizer

2 - Measure the inside of a ring that fits

A great trick for surprises (like engagements), we recommend using a ring that the wearer typically wears on the same hand and finger.  If the only ring available is worn on the same finger but opposite hand, we suggest going up or down a quarter size. For example, if you’re buying an engagement ring for a left-handed person but only have a ring they typically wear on their right hand, size up because their dominant hand is the left.  

- use a ring with a similar width

- grab a ruler or tape measure that includes millimetres (we recommend a soft tape measure if you have one)

- set the ring flat on the tape measure and measure the inside of the ring in millimetres

- convert the millimetres into ring size using our chart below   

 Voila! Ring size found  


3 - DIY Paper Ring Sizer

Strapped for time? Make your own ring sizer with your trusty ruler, scissors and paper.  Cut a strip of paper Wrap it snugly around your finger Mark where the paper overlaps Lay the paper flat and, using a ruler, measure the length in millimetres  The measurement is your fingers circumference  Find the measurement on our ring size chart below, find your ring size. 


 - for best results, measure your finger at the end of the day when your fingers are warm  

 - don’t measure your fingers when you’re body is cold (fingers shrink) or hot (fingers expand) 

- exercise, salt, alcohol, hormones and even flying can make your fingers swell, if you’re hands feel puffier than usual, don’t measure 

 - take the measurement 3-4 times to ensure it’s accurate  

- if you’re between sizes, choose the size up 

- larger knuckles? consider going up half a size

- choosing a wide band (1.5 mm and up), we recommend selecting a half size up from your regular measurement