Free shipping on all orders of $100 or more within Canada. Free shipping on all orders of $100 or more within Canada.

It’s truly rewarding to create a custom piece that not only represents the wearer and reflects their personal aesthetic, but is infused with a special meaning that a person can wear every day.  Be it for a romantic rite of passage, the reimagining of a precious heirloom, or a gift to yourself, our custom process is collaborative every step of the way.

For more information on our custom process, visit our Guide to Custom page.

We invite you to discover our "Old to New" experience.  Join us in celebrating cherished memories by embracing an eco-friendly approach to transforming your jewelry.  

In a world that often gives into disposable consumption, we value repurposing and reinventing jewelry.  Honour the past by breathing new life into unworn treasures.  Witness the magic of creativity as dormant pieces are transformed into new, one-of-a-kind creations. 

 From generation to generation — encourage the tradition of passing down heirloom treasures by ensuring they continue to be preserved, cared for and worn. 

Give new life to your heirloom jewelry today by booking a consultation with us to start your Old to New project today.